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Composition of solar power generation system
pubdate : 2019-11-15 visits : 1589
  Solar power generation system is a kind of high-tech product which integrates physics, chemistry, electronics, electrotechnics, optics, mechanical engineering, Optoelectronic Science, system engineering and other disciplines. The solar energy to electric energy part is applied to physics, chemistry and optoelectronics. The silicon atomic material is treated and crystallized by special technology at high temperature (about 1500 ℃), and then cut into crystal pieces with high precision. Appropriate chemicals are added to produce solar cell chips. The crystal structure should conform to the wavelength range of solar spectrum envelope, and generate enough photoelectron flow to form The power controller of solar power generation system is that the conversion efficiency of power polysilicon is lower than that of monocrystalline silicon, but the price is cheaper. The solar power generation system, combined with the building structure and urban landscape, makes use of the shape of solar cells and harmonious matching with the surrounding landscape, bringing together the practical, beautiful, popular science, technology, humanities and green landscape highlights of cattle production.