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Design of automatic tracking system
pubdate : 2019-11-15 visits : 1576
  Solar energy is known as the most primitive energy. It is clean, renewable, rich, and widely distributed. It has a very broad utilization prospect. However, the low efficiency of solar energy utilization has been affecting and hindering the popularization of solar energy technology. How to improve the efficiency of solar energy utilization device has always been a topic of concern. The design of solar energy automatic tracking system provides a new way to solve this problem, thus greatly improving the efficiency of solar energy utilization.
  The methods of tracking the sun can be summarized into two ways: photoelectric tracking and tracking according to the trajectory of the apparent sun. The photoelectric tracking is that the photoelectric sensor generates the feedback signal to the computer according to the change of the intensity of the incident light, and the computer runs the program to adjust the angle of the daylight plate to track the sun. The advantages of photoelectric tracking are high sensitivity and convenient structure design; the disadvantages are that it is greatly affected by the weather. If the dark clouds cover the sun in a slightly long period of time, the tracking device will not be able to track the sun, or even cause the actuator's misoperation.
  The advantage of the tracking is that it can track all-weather real-time, so this design adopts the tracking method and two axis tracking method, uses the two axis drive of stepping motor, and realizes the tracking of the sun all-weather by controlling the tracking mechanism with two degrees of freedom: horizontal and pitch. The system is suitable for all kinds of devices that need to track the sun. This paper mainly analyzes the design and implementation of the sun automatic tracking system from the aspects of hardware and software.